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Published on May 23rd, 2020 | by Allison Van Oirschot


Mayday Memory Review

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Romance & Memory Loss

In the distant future, technology has advanced so far that people are having their memories stolen. It’s up to you to recover them, and possibly find love along the way. Such is the premise for’s story-driven sim Mayday Memory.


Engaging Story & Beautiful Artwork

Mayday Memory takes place in 2099, and people are literally losing their memories. You play Dell, an amnesiac working for a P.I. agency called <Vigil>. Her coworkers (and potential love interests) are Syd and Hansol, along with the bunny-inspired robot Mode. Their boss is a man named Jeff, though he isn’t a romance option. A new case leads them to a demonstration of a memory restoration pill, where they meet Ain, a famous actor. Another of Dell’s potential love interests, he too has lost his memories. Though the memory restoration pill was a scam, <Vigil> was immediately tasked with recovering Ain’s stolen memories.

Mayday Memory is gorgeous right from the start. The background art is colorful, detailed, and really immerses you in the game’s futuristic setting. Between neon lights and automatic sliding doors, it’s hard pull yourself away. Characters are attractive (as is the norm for a reverse harem romance story) and everybody has their own look. Each character has a unique personality that shines through with strong and witty writing. You can tell the members of <Vigil> have known each other for years by the way they banter with one other. They bounce snarky but good-natured comments off each other effortlessly and act like a little family.


Gameplay & Pay-To-Play

Choices matter in Mayday Memory. Agreeing or disagreeing with a character impacts your relationship with them. Make decisions carefully, as choices cost energy, and a bad decision will have you out ten energy units. Like many of these romance games, choices appear at significant moments in the story. More impactful choices cost gems, though they don’t show up too often. Good choices increase your affection with certain characters, while bad choices decrease affection. Another way of gaining affection is by going on missions. Separate from the main story, completing missions earns you objects that can be combined into gifts. Giving gifts to your love interests will increase their affection for you, whether you’re pursuing them or not. Additionally, any important information you obtain during the story gets written in Dell’s Diary. Be sure to read everything; the info might be helpful later.

As pretty and interesting as the game is, it’s very much pay-to-play. Choices that cost gems are expensive, usually costing 1,000 gems per choice, causing them to run out quickly. Energy also takes forever to recharge; even leaving the game for a full day doesn’t refill the meter. You can watch ads to earn 250 gems, but you must wait an hour in between each viewing. Though Mayday Memory is pay-to-play, real money prices are cheap and reasonable. For example, you can currently purchase a Double-Up Gems package daily for 99 cents and receive over 1,000 gems. Plus, with many mobile games you must spend over $100 to unlock good rewards, but this game barely breaches the $20 mark. If you can afford to spend cash on a mobile game, this would be the one to spend it on.


Pretty & Cheap

Mayday Memory is a gorgeous story-driven simulation game with well-written characters. Though the story and characters are engaging, you will have to spend cash to access the best gameplay decisions. With Mayday Memory, you’ll come for the artwork and stay for the witty banter.


Is it Hardcore?


Beautiful background and character art make for a truly immersive experience. The game has an engaging story, but keep your credit card handy.

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