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Published on March 29th, 2020 | by Allison Van Oirschot


Men In Black: Galaxy Defenders Review

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We Are the Men in Black

Ever wanted to be a part of MIB but didn’t think you could handle it? Well, now you can! Take on the role of J and follow K into battle against invading alien forces in Men in Black: Galaxy Defenders by Sony Pictures Television. With epic sci-fi weapons and a jetpack, if those aliens want Earth, they’ll have to go through you. Stay focused, stay alive, and remember Z’s words: “We’re not hosting an intergalactic kegger down here.”

Shoot to Vaporize

Pulling no punches, Men in Black: Galaxy Defenders drops you in the middle of a fight in New York. Thankfully, the ever-charming alien pug Frank is your guide. You start off a sniper, but it’s not long before you unlock different weapons. Zoom in on targets with rifles and handguns for point-blank headshots. Quickly clear a room with rotary plasma cannons. Spend credits to upgrade different aspects of your weapons, like Damage, and vaporize aliens more effectively. Take out multiple enemies by shooting a glowing barrel and watch them fly apart in the explosion. Vaporize alien gunmen before they vaporize you, but watch out for Samurians and Boomers. Samurians charge you claws swinging, while Boomers run at you with bombs on their chests. Move through New York to vaporize different alien bosses, who can be fought in any order. Shooting aliens is so fun, you don’t want levels to end.

Completing each level earns you credits. Headshots get you extra credits, as do bonuses for completing levels. Collect cards when you level up and open supply Drops to upgrade your agents. Use cards to unlock and upgrade both agents and weapons to be more effective and last longer in battles. Supply Drops happen every four hours, but they’re always worth the wait because you earn credits, gold, and rare items every time. Completing levels also earn crystals; get enough to buy a Crystal Chest and win special rewards like rare agents and weapons. You can also watch ads to get additional rewards.

MIB 00

Side Missions

There’s more to Men in Black: Galaxy Defenders than its campaign. There are three types of energy: Campaign, PvP, and Event. You have ten Campaign energy and five energies each for PvP and Events. Having so much energy for Campaign gives you ample time to reach the boss. PvP pits you against another player, where you must shoot your opponent before they shoot you. Events are temporary, though playing them earns you special rewards even if you don’t finish first on the leaderboard. Another way to pass the time is to play in the Arena. Competing against three other real-life players, your objective is to vaporize as many aliens as possible before the timer runs out. The player with the most points at the end wins. More points equal more rewards! Careful though, the Arena uses Campaign energy.

MIB 000

Aesthetics & Credits

3D mobile games have a history of not looking the best (for example, Battle Simulator: Counter Stickman). However, that’s not the case with Men In Black: Galaxy Defenders. The game’s graphics are fantastic. It’s as if you’re taking part in a MIB movie. Though J and K don’t quite look like their movie counterparts, their smooth animated movements more than make up for it. If I were to complain about anything, it would be the Blast Cam. When you shoot the last remaining enemy of a level, you watch the shot hit them in slow motion. That’s cool and all, but it gets old real fast.


You Are MIB

Overall, Men in Black: Galaxy Defenders is a fun, fast-paced action shooter that gives you plenty to do. With its movie-like feel, you can get lost for hours playing this game. Though there are in-app purchases, the game doesn’t force you to break open your wallet. Are you ready to protect the Earth from the scum of the universe? Slap on your sunglasses and get going!


Is It Hardcore?


Excellent graphics and intense shooting mechanics make for an enjoyable experience. The gameplay doesn’t hold your hand, but it doesn’t leave you hanging either.

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