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Published on April 17th, 2020 | by Maria Loreto


Monster Fable Review

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Magic and Monsters Come Together In Monster Fable

Like all stories, Skyunion’s Monster Fable takes inspiration from pre-existing content. In this case, a lot of it. Monster Fable is a combination of magic and monsters. It’s as if you took the look of Harry Potter and added in the action of Pokemon. The game is an interesting experiment for anyone who’s interested in what the combination of these properties might look like.

As soon as you open the game you get a broad introduction of the world you’re in. Your character is training to become a Magus, a magician that uses the help of spells and Bookmon (a paper thin reference to Pokemon) to advance the story. The

how’s and why’s of the world are never made too clear. As you play through the game’s adventure mode, you’ll battle and capture different Bookmon that can be used to attack your foes and reap coins. These coils will allow you to work and expand your homestead, which is the world your character inhabits.

A Game Made for Pokemon and Harry Potter Fans

Despite the Pokemon inspiration, there’s no turn-based battles. Monster Fable’s gameplay relies on match 3game mechanics, similar to Candy Crush, relying on you uniting gems of the same color in order to deliver attacks to foes.

At the end of each chapter or section, you’ll get to battle and capture a special Bookmon. Before these boss battles you’ll stumble into common Bookmon that can also be captured. There are no Poke Balls in Monster Fable; you use a spell instead.. In order to cast it, the game will prompt you to draw a pattern on your smartphone screen, allowing you to add the captured monster to your party.

Capture Monsters with Your Spell Book

When not battling monsters and collecting coins, Monster Fable gives you the chance to develop your Homestead. You can add furniture to your home or work on developing the other buildings in the space. These improvements are achieved by utilizing coins you earned in battles or by buying game perks. While there are ads and prompts that offer you different purchase options, Monster Fable functions relatively smoothly without you having to pay in order to experience the game’s main storyline.

Monster Fable is an easy game to invest your hours in despite a few bugs, frozen frames and some clunky looking images. Still, the music is fun and the creatures have personality, making cute and different sounds when tapped, a feature that most Pokemon fans will appreciate. It’s not a game that will make you lose sleep, but it is a fun distraction for when you’re in the mood for completing some puzzles and capturing some Pokemon. I mean, Bookmon.



Is it hardcore?

Sort of.

Monster Fable is a fun puzzler. Although it never offers much of a challenge it does provide enough escapism and cuteness to tickle some Pokemon and Harry Potter fans.


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