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Published on May 16th, 2020 | by Dua Rashid


Nexon’s KartRider Rush Rolls Out Onto Google Play

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One of the best things that could’ve happened to mobile gamers during this lockdown is the comeback of kart racing sensation, KartRider Rush. Nexon has brought back their free-to-play racer packed with so much thrill and style, it might just give Mario Kart a run for its money.

Significantly different from most other racing games, the title features an immersive story mode experience with various gameplay options. In the Story Mode, the aim is to help Dao and his friends stop the Pirate Captain Lodumani’s evil deeds. In Time Trial, the goal becomes beating the clock and making your mark as the fastest racer.

Android KartRider Rush+ 2

KartRider Rush+  offers a host of cosmetic choices for your racer and your ride. It certainly goes the extra mile by making sure you’re drifting in style

In an attempt to maximize the exhilaration, the title goes beyond offering a standard racing trail and features 45+ tracks! All of which, whether you’re touring London’s busy streets or struggling to survive in Shark’s Tomb, are distinct in their own way. They present, as the title does overall, a novel racing experience.


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