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Published on May 23rd, 2020 | by Dua Rashid


Rumble Hockey Slapshots onto Google Play

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Frogmind’s Rumble Hockey arrived on the Play Store this week. The title features pretty awesome graphics and, by the looks of it, offers up a crazy multiplayer hockey experience. The game has a straightforward premise: bring together a team, beat your opponents and excel in its leagues.

Promising an action-packed experience, Rumble Hockey offers players real-time hockey battles from around the world. Players are free to create or join a club and build their very own hockey community. The rest of this seemingly intense PvP title is about managing to maximize skill and strategy to make clever combos and outsmart opponents. RumbleTV features the best players giving others the opportunity to watch and learn new tactics.

Android Rumble Hockey 2

Frogmind’s newest release features physics-based gameplay that is not just unique in its concept but looks very promising in its execution as well. Players have the opportunity to earn chests and unlock rewards by playing new special events that take place every week. Rewards that allow them to collect new Rumblers for their future leagues. Building and upgrading the battle deck and Rumbler collection is a fairly important step in rising through the leagues and divisions to advance to the top.

What’s more, players get the option to chat with their partners within their respective clubs. By working together and progressing with their club, players can unlock club chests in addition to the standard chests awarded on individual performances. With all that being said, playing as a part of a club isn’t necessary. Thankfully, players also have the option to challenge their friends to private matches. We are looking forward to giving this one a run around the ice.



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