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Published on January 31st, 2016 | by Kathryn Haro


UniWar Review

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uniwar-best-android-strategy-games-2Strategy lovers look no further. Why? Because Javaground’s re-release of the epic turn-based strategy game UniWar recently appeared on the scene (now a free game) to meet all of your mobile strategy gaming needs. The original UniWar is undeniably one of the best Android strategy games ever made  and this new free version, a remake of the 2009 version, is just as amazing as the original.

Over the course of a UniWar mission, players must navigate hexagonal maps, build up their units, and capture enemy bases. With each base the player controls, the more credits they earn per turn to buy additional units. This isn’t a game where you mindlessly grind your way to victory, if you want to succeed, you’ll need to employ a great amount of strategy.

Although UniWar’s story is loose and virtually nonexistent, this doesn’t lessen the game. Essentially, humans and two alien races are fighting for territory on an alien planet and the player needs to lead one of these factions to total conquest. Victory will be had once the player has annihilated the enemy and successfully captured all of their bases.


Much in the mold of Star Craft and numerous other strategy titles, The game features three races: Sapiens, Titans, and Khraleans. Each race has different amounts of power, defense, and mobility without one race overpowering another. Sapiens are a balanced race of humans whose army consists of typical units like tanks, planes, and boats. Titans, on the other hand, are a heavily armored alien race. Their units, which look like an alien twist on Sapiens’ units, are slow, but have strong attack and defense. Khraleans, an insect-like race, supports units that look like twisted bees, scarabs, and snakes, and have low defense. However, they are fast and can burrow underground, ambushing their enemies for extra damage.

Missions begin with both sides having a few soldiers and possibly a base in their possession. Strategy needs to be employed immediately as UniWar is a game where the slightest mistake can lead to your downfall. Beginning with their first turn, players need to decide if they want to sacrifice a soldier for easy base capture or immediately peruse their enemy. But don’t be overwhelmed, the more you play the more you’ll get to develop and test out strategies. Forming battle strategies and annihilating your opponents is the fun of the game.

UniWar offers two major modes: offline and online. Offline mode lets gamers play the game’s campaign, play solo, or play with a friend. When playing the campaign, players will need to complete missions on various maps. This mode is excellent for new players as it teaches gameplay and techniques. Players will need to complete tasks in order to progress to the next mission such as capturing enemy bases, keeping particular units alive, and re-programming a number of enemies. In play solo you can pick from 32 maps, your preferred difficulty, and each player’s race. While in play with a friend you two take turns on the same device.


The game’s online mode is where UniWar really shines. In the online game, players can participate in several online matches at once. While this may be great for some, I found it hard to employ a steady strategy while switching between matches.

When creating a custom multiplayer game, you can pick the turn limit, ranking effect, the used races, required score, and if you want to contend with a bot or person. UniWar has tons of tournaments. Players can watch past and active ones as well as register for future ones. The game’s online community is very active and passionate, strengthening the game’s appeal and replayability.

UniWar is a must-play stagey game that vets of the genre, as well as newcomers, will love. Whether you are a gamer that prefers to play alone or with others, this game is a great fit for you. UniWar’s extremely active online community and frequent tournaments keeps the game feeling fresh and encourages players to create the ultimate strategy for conquest.

This re-release of UniWar made one of the greatest turn-based strategy game’s even better with improved visuals, a massive and active online community, and tons of content.  Best of all you can get this revolutionary strategy game for free.


UniWar Review Kathryn Haro

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