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Published on March 26th, 2020 | by Jack Brassell


Wolf Tales: Home & Heart Review

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The Life of a Wolf Pack

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a wolf? If so, you might think Wolf Tales: Home & Heart is for you. Foxie Ventures latest offering allows you to build your own wolf pack. At first glance, the game looks solid but as you sink your teeth into Wolf Tales: Home & Heart you’ll find the sparse storyline, glitchy enemies, and bland gameplay leave a bitter taste in your mouth.

You start out as a lone wolf. You can build your pack by recruiting cubs from allied clans, breeding, or recruiting a rival’s clans’ alpha after defeating it in combat. When breeding there is a chance that the cub will be born a level higher than its parents. Its advantageous to breed your highest-level wolves as they have the best chance of producing stronger cubs. Starting out your den will hold up to five wolves. To have a larger pack you must dig a larger den.


A Battle Without Bite

Wolf Tales: Home & Heart ‘s PVP mode leaves much to be desired. After entering the PVP den you are immediately thrust into battle where you are assigned either to the red or blue team. You then run around securing bases and attacking the other team. It would be fun if Wolf Tales: Home & Heart didn’t throw players of all levels into battle together. It’s very frustrating trying to battle players twice your level.


The Meat of the Game

Whether a rabbit or a rival wolf, every kill grants you meat. Meat is essentially currency in Wolf Tales: Home & Heart. Use it to level up a wolf’s abilities. Digging, and breeding both require meat as well. You’ll spend most of your time in-game killing prey to collect enough meat for your needs, an exercise that becomes dull rather quickly.

Fantasy Wolves

Wolf Tales: Home & Heart’s most interesting feature is its fantasy wolves. These magical wolves have special abilities and unique captivating appearances, like the thunder wolf that seems to pulse with electricity. However, to get one you’ll need a lot of moon stones which the game gives out rather sparingly. You can buy moonstones. Unfortunately, they’ll cost you anywhere from 1.99 to 109.99. If you want enough to actually purchase a fantasy wolf, you’ll need to spend at least 26.99 which is not worth it by a long shot.


To top it off Wolf Tales: Home & Heart is a glitchy game. Enemies will often disappear mid-attack. It is beyond frustrating when you’ve whittled down the health of an enemy wolf only to have it disappear before you can strike the final blow.

Wolf Tales: Home & Heart is an example of a good idea executed poorly. The idea of fantasy wolves is compelling. However, it is near impossible to procure one without paying. It’s clear the developer’s worked hard on Wolf Tales’ gameworld. Unfortunately, between its thread-bare storyline, glitchy enemies and repetitive gameplay, you’ll likely find yourself bored within a few hours. Despite its title, the game lacks heart.


Is It Hardcore?

Not so much.

Despite its beautiful graphics, and interesting premise, Wolf Tales: Home & Heart is bit of a letdown. The repetitive gameplay quickly loses its appeal. While the fantasy wolves are intriguing, they’re not worth the price tag.

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