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Published on April 3rd, 2020 | by Kelly Mintzer


World War Doh Review

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Absurd, adorable, irreverent, and the most fun you’ll have battling clay armies.

Philosopher-poet Edwin Starr once dared to ask: “War (huh), what is it good for?” The answer, we understand, is “absolutely nothing” still, Jam City offers a compelling counter-argument with World War Doh. Low-brow fun, the game offers the ridiculous, high-stakes fun we so badly need right now.

Peace Talk have Failed

Blue hates Red. Everyone knows that. But a tentative truce has been struck, and leadership on both sides are prepared to lay down arms. Unfortunately, every available writing implement fails. The peace treaty remains unsigned, and immediate chaos explodes. We, Blue and proud, are once again at war with Red. The objective is less world domination and more Red humiliation. We want to decimate their armies and robot generals, and to be as rude and insulting as possible in doing so.

 World War Doh-02

Behind Enemy Lines

Gameplay is exceedingly straightforward. We are the Blue commander. We have two towers, one representing fire power and the other health. Click on either for a boost. The goal is always to kill the Red Commander.
For each level cleared, players receive cards, and these cards provide upgrades. This is how we build our army. Each recruit has a unique skill set. The Jason Vorhees knock-off can enter into invisible, stealth, killing mode. The Godzilla destroys towers and buildings. The murder bees-well, they’re murder bees.  Their qualifications speak for themselves.
Killing the Red Commander and defending your towers becomes more difficult as  play progresses. Select which warriors are best suited to any given situation and deploy them at will.
World War Doh allows players to cut their teeth and gain cards by playing against the game itself. Then, if we are so compelled, we can play in real time against other players. Because of this, there is room for infinite variety. Additionally, we-as the Commander-serve both a strategic and a practical function. Yes, we collect and place troops. But we also fire on enemies.

World War Doh-03

War Games

War is-in both reality and media-a grisly, humorless affair. World War Doh, however, is a blast. The characters owe their look to classic Claymation. The Wallace and Gromit chic aesthetic lends a sense of fun and nonsense. It’s all pretty adorable–a fun contrast to the rampant destruction. Interstitial load screens all have either a ridiculously corny joke, or a tip for gameplay, a technique more games should consider.
World War Doh is irreverent. Commanders moon and taunt each other. The jokes occasionally err towards bawdy. It’s also supremely silly and so fun to look at. Anyone seeking out an intense, realistic game about war would be sorely disappointed–though also pretty unlikely to expect such from a game with the word “doh” in its title.
It is, however, perfect escapism.  Silly, challenging and engaging, World War Doh offers players an expansive experience, with room for infinite variation.




As hardcore as clay can be.

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