The 15 Best Android RPG Games

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Whether you’re jamming on an innovative indie RPG while kicking back on a park bench, delving deep into a classic while riding the subway, or rummaging for diamonds amongst the coal while lying in bed, RPG gaming on Android is entirely its own animal. And while actually unearthing a gem in the mountain of crap that constitutes the freemium and indie wing of the Android market is a singular thrill, it takes time, a commodity that is for many of us in short supply these days. But, never fear. As in all things, Hardcore Droid has got your back. Between the hundreds of news articles, best of lists, previews and reviews we’ve written these past two and a half years, we’ve crossed paths with every Android RPG worth talking about and from this great cache we have extracted the gems in order to bring you this definitive list of the Best Android RPG Games ever made.


(*note: One of our central goals at Hardcore Droid is to shine a spotlight on the sort of mobile games that are most likely appeal to core gamers, as such any IAPs (in-app purchases) associated with games on an HD “Most Hardcore” list are either content IAPs or cosemtic IAPs and thus in the context of mobile gaming, aren’t really even IAPs at all. As such, you could tack on “without IAPs” to this list or any other “Most Hardcore” list.)

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