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by Will McCool


Heroes of Dragon Age Review

Magnificient Potential Spoiled by Avarice.

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Heroes of Dragon Age Review Will McCool


Summary: A truly engrossing experience is completely ruined by the greed of the freemium model.


No. Too Freemium.

User Rating: 2.2 (3 votes)

Title: Heroes of Dragon Age

Genre: RPG

Developer: Electronic Arts

Price: Free.

Buy it: Here.

You Review It: Here

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Will McCool

Growing up in a rural town left plenty of time for video games, which he has been doing nonstop since the days of the Nintendo. Now living in a far bigger town (a city, really) he still spends plenty of time parked on the couch playing video games with his wife. On other days he writes, explores the marvels that the world has to offer and plans how best to clear zombies out of an urban area.

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