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by Matthew Byrd


The Word Ends With You Review

Not Fade Away

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The Word Ends With You Review Matthew Byrd

Is It Hardcore?

Summary: By skirting the cliches of its genre, The World Ends With You manages to defy nearly all expectations.



User Rating: 4.7 (2 votes)

Title: The World Ends With You

Genre: RPG

Developer: Square Enix LTD

Price: $17.99

Buy it: Here

You Review It: Here

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About the Author

Matthew Byrd

Matthew Byrd is a freelance writer living in Brooklyn, NY. In the rare moments he's not gaming, or attacking the notorious blank page, you're likely to find him enjoying a slice in the park while re-reading Kurt Vonnegut. Follow him on Twitter (@ByrdMan014), or don't. That's the beauty of choice.

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