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Frontier Justice: Return to the Wild West Moseys onto the Play Store

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Frontier Justice made its way onto the Play Store this week. ONEMT’s latest purports to be a fine balance between strategy and building sim. Set in the world of the Wild West, it features an immersive experience where you play as a bounty hunter. The end goal is to conquer the land by capturing criminals, fighting outlaws, hunting legendary animals and building up your town.

Android Frontier Justice 2

ONEMT is looking to recapture the Wild West experience by turning you into a gunslinger and making you endure both scorching deserts and icy plains. As you’ll progress in the game, you’ll unlock and upgrade weapons, ranging from knives to custom sniper rifles. If you wish to hone your gun slinging skills, Frontier Justice allows you to play out duels in the streets of the ol’ Wild West. Said duels help sharpen your accuracy and prepare you for other such future endeavors.

Luck plays a little part in the title too. Frontier Justice offers various Games of Chance where you test your luck with cards and a lucky draw machine, both of which offer dozens of rewards. But the most interesting feature of Frontier Justice has to be its chat channel, allowing players to form alliances with players around the world as well as coordinate with them to eventually seize control of the Wild West.

Considering the amount of variety the title provides, it’s a likely success. You can hunt bears, wolves, alligators and eagles, hunt down outlaws. You can also build a town replete with a saloon, stables and a bunch of other Old West properties. What’s more you get to raise and tame your own horses which on paper sounds pretty cool.


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