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Published on February 9th, 2020 | by Jack Brassell


Seven Endgame Review

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Here We Go Again

I thought it was over, the murder and torment. My hand trembles as I look down at the message on my phone. Someone calling themselves Forever is forcing me to complete strange tasks. He is threatening to hurt those I love if I fail. Well, I won’t let that happen so let the games begin.

Seven: Endgame is a chat-based horror game and the sequel to Seven: Deadly Revelation by SponsorAds. The game begins with a quick recap making it easy to follow the storyline despite not having played the original. In Seven: Deadly Revelation you must figure out who is killing young women, including your ex-girlfriend. It is eventually revealed it was your teacher but not before your girlfriend is abducted. Luckily, she is saved by your friend Tom, though tragically Tom doesn’t make it. After the death of your teacher, your lives are beginning to go back to normal. Then you receive a message from the mysterious Forever. He tells you Tom is alive. He is holding him captive and threatens to kill him if you don’t complete seven games.  seven endgame 01

A Texting Murder Mystery 

Seven: Endgame is a thrilling mystery. You converse with friends, family and Forever through a texting interface. You have options for how to respond when someone messages which allows for a more immersive experience. Some choices improve a relationship while others serve to diminish it. The status of your various relationships are gauged by way of in-game stats. Making jealous comments to your girlfriend Leo will decrease your relationship level while being supportive improves your relationship. You can check your relationship status by clicking on a contact’s photo. This will take you to their profile page. If you are unhappy with your relationship level with any given contact, you can choose to decrease or increase your relationship level by one point per video you watch. 

While the characters all have a distinct personality some of the dialogue feels clunky. Annalena is your character’s therapist and his girlfriend’s best friend which is rather unrealistic.  Forever is clearly someone you know, and I had a lot of fun guessing at who it might be. The game allows you to submit your guess after the second in-game day ends. If you guess correctly your name will be added to the credits. seven endgame 02

Can You Hack it

Periodically Forever sends you coded messages you will have to hack to open. The hacking mini games are reminiscent of match games. You use Tetris like block pieces to fill in rows and columns. Though the concept is simple the puzzles can be frustrating. Throughout the game, you will unlock hack upgrades such as the One-By-One Hack which transforms all available blocks into single squares. Sometimes a block will show up on your screen with a number that counts down every time you make a move. These are admin blocks. If an admin block counts down to zero before you remove it from the board then the admin catches you hacking, and you lose a life. If you run out of lives you can earn more by watching videos or sharing a post to Facebook or WhatsApp. Forever has forbidden you from leaving the house so when you decode a message it is up to your friend Wolf to complete the task for you. It’s very suspenseful waiting for Wolf’s reply when you know you’ve just sent him into a potentially dangerous situation.

Despite its frustrating puzzles Seven: Endgame is a pretty solid game. While the dialogue can be melodramatic and stiff at times it still manages to move the story along. Seven: Endgame will add a little horror to your life as you struggle to complete tasks and unmask Forever before it’s too late.  

Is It Hardcore?


Seven: Endgame is a suspenseful chat-based murder mystery with a varied and intriguing cast. Though the hacking game can be as tiresome as it is frustrating, the storyline is chilling enough to keep you invested.

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