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Very Little Nightmares Review

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A World of Nightmares

Transported by the wind, the hot air balloon carrying The Girl in the Yellow Raincoat crashes into the strange and ominous mansion. She must escape but to do so she must first venture further into the sinister mansion. Equipped with only her wit, a desperate need to survive and her bright yellow raincoat, she must skirt the attention of fearsome foes, and create her own path to freedom. Very Little Nightmares is a puzzle game full of whimsical horror by BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Europe. A prequel to the hit console game Little Nightmares, Very Little Nightmares casts you into the role of The Girl in the Yellow Raincoat as she traverses a terrifying mansion known only as The Nest.   VeryLiitleNightmares_01 Unlike Little Nightmares which is a 3D puzzle platformer, Very Little Nightmares is a linear 2D puzzle game. Each room in The Nest is a different level. The game uses a point and click movement style. The controls are simple but effective. Click once for normal movement or double click to hurry. 


An Unsettling Atmosphere

 The Nest has an oppressive atmosphere that seems to become more sinister the further you progress. Your character’s yellow raincoat is the one bright spot in an undersaturated environment. Levels are often dense with shadows that Very Little Nightmares uses effectively to add to the feelings of isolation and oppression. The game also features a fittingly ominous soundtrack and spooky sound effects that add a level of immersion to the game. In one level, the sound of a row of clocks slowly tick tocking on the table is enough to send a chill down your spine. VeryLittleNightmares_02

Pulse Pounding Puzzler Action

Very Little Nightmares tests your ability to think outside the box. Navigating the mansion takes creativity as you climb up stacks of cages and across shelves. At one point I even had to pick up a shoe and throw it to push an otherwise unreachable button.  You’ll feel the adrenaline pumping through your veins as you guide The Girl in The Yellow Raincoat past moving spotlights and attempt to circumvent enemies.  Very Little Nightmares is like an intense game of hide and seek. You’re playing as a little girl so fittingly there are no combat options in this game. When faced with one of the games disturbing enemies your only means of defense is to either hide or run. Often you cannot simply outrun your enemies, as they are faster than you. Therefore, you must outthink them. This means planning your movements carefully and using the environment to your advantage. There are places The Girl in the Yellow Raincoat can access that her enemies are too large to reach. Using these pathways can help to slow enemies down allowing you to make your escape.

Very Little Nightmares requires patience, determination and a lot of clicking. The puzzles can be rather difficult at times but not to the point of being obtuse. What’s more, solving them always leaves you with a sense of pride. With a creative and unique premise and a haunting atmosphere, the game will keep you on the edge of your seat. Very Little Nightmares is the perfect puzzle game for fans of the macabre and at $3.99 it is well worth the price. VeryLittleNightmares_03  

Is It Hardcore?


Very Little Nightmares is a thrilling 2-D puzzle game that immerses the player in a dark and dangerous world. Very Little Nightmares lets you lead the Girl in the Yellow Raincoat through The Nest, evading terrifying enemies as you solve creative puzzles.

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