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by Al Jackson


Introducing Most Hardcore # 2

Dear Reader,

We are proud to announce that issue number 2 of Most Hardcore has gone live. Featured in this issue are reviews of Square Enix’s Deus Ex: The Fall, an exclusive review of Little Killerz’ Tales off Illyria: Beyond the Iron Wall and Hellhound Interactive’s Rising Empires. Issue 2 also boasts epic lists of the best phones, tablets and phablets ever made and is topped off with a strategy guide of Hellhound’s epic, the aforementioned 4X strategy title, Rising Empires.

This beauty as well as issue 1 and a number of future issues can be yours by becoming a core or hardcore subscriber to Hardcore Droid. Your core or hardcore subscription will go a long way towards supporting Hardcore Droid, the living end of online magazines when it comes to core gaming on the Android OS. For those of you who are indie-inclined, we have been and remain a labor of love (Most Hardcore # 2 was designed, laid out and edited in its entirety by me) as well as an independent online magazine. For the next few weeks we will be keeping the cost of a year’s subscription down and with this code: A9DA19247A, you get a 20% discount and can get a year’s subscription for the price of a single magazine.

 If you find a month from now you are remotely disappointed, email me (my contact information is very accessible to core subscribers), and I will refund your money. I’m that certain you’ll be satisfied. To try a core or hardcore subscription right now go here  >>>

Core and hardcore subscribers who wish to download issue number 2 can go here  >>>


Ajax Moroni
Senior Editor
Most Hardcore


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About the Author

Al Jackson

Hardcore Droid's founder and editor has been a writer, an aspiring graphic artist, a heavy metal singer, as well as a secondary and trade school teacher. His short stories have appeared in online magazines, anthologies and literary journals.

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