The Walking Dead


The Walking Dead: Episodes 1-3 Review

by Matthew Byrd

Quite possibly the best examples of episodic gaming ever

I’m beginning to come to the conclusion that there can never be enough Walking Dead in my life. Call it ...



Deep Under the Sky feature

Deep Under the Sky Review

Trippy Dazzling Jellyfish

Created by Colin Northway and RichMakeGames under the Sarah Northway label, Deep Under ...

The Best Android RPGs of 2014 (Q 3)

A Handful of Gems

Pay to win games have swallowed such a large share of the mobile gaming market that at this juncture about 80% of mobile games suck—the mobile gaming market, to be honest, is a vast mountain of dung. Still, there is within that heap numerous and sometimes hidden gems—titles built by smart, ultra-hardcore microdevs as well as games with formidable names and reputations, games born of franchises like Final Fantasy, Deus Ex and Baldur’s Gate—yes sir, the ...


Game Jobs

Game Careers

Introducing Most Hardcore # 2

Dear Reader, We are proud to announce that issue number 2 of Most Hardcore has gone live. Featured in this issue are reviews of Square Enix’s Deus Ex: The Fall, an exclusive review of Little Killerz’ Tales off Illyria: Beyond the Iron Wall and Hellhound Interactive’s Rising Empires. Issue 2 also boasts epic lists of the best phones, tablets and phablets ever made and is topped off with a strategy guide of Hellhound’s epic, the ...


First-Person Shooter


Game Careers

There are two things you need to do to be a worthwhile critic. These are: Have a voice. Be able to communicate with it.  The second thing is the boring one so we’ll get it out of the way first. Structure is pervasive. Short stories, music, movies, TV shows, novels, games, and essays—all of these media and any documented criticism of them generally conform, at least to an extent, to a familiar arrangement. Hell, even the conversations you have and the relationships you develop kind of do this. Your very life kind of does this if you don’t get flattened by a truck or something. The good news is that ... Read More


unnamed (1)

Trials Frontier Review

by Travis Fahs

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Often when discussing the usual free-to-play mechanisms like energy timers and dual currencies, the argument becomes a matter of degrees; ...



Tips & Trix

Welcome to Tips, Tricks & Strategies. Here we’ll do our very best to bring you walkthroughs, cheats and strategy guides for the most popular hardcore Android games. To start the fire burning, contributor Eric Miller has busted his hump (I mean that literally, his hump is broken) to bring us walkthroughs of two seminal Android games, Final Fantasy III and GTA III, to get any more seminal than that would be downright pornographic He’s also written a series of cheat sheets for Android Action, Strategy and RPGs. The cheat sheets have tables of contents for easy navigation, but you can also type the name of a game in question into ... Read More

Start Here…

If you want to write a You Review It review for practice, to vent or just for the fun of it, head back here and enjoy. If you’re interested in writing for Hardcore Droid check out our opportunities page. If you’ve never been published and you think you’d like to give games journalism a try, you might try your hand at writing a You Review It review or two. The reason we started You Review ...



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