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by Al Jackson


Hardcore Droid’s Tips, Tricks and Strategies Goes Live!

Welcome to Tips, Tricks & Strategies. Here we’ll do our very best to bring you walkthroughs, cheats and strategy guides for the most popular hardcore Android games. To start the fire burning, contributor Eric Miller has busted his hump (I mean that literally, his hump is broken) to bring us walkthroughs of two seminal Android games, Final Fantasy III and GTA III, to get any more seminal than that would be downright pornographic He’s also written a series of cheat sheets for Android Action, Strategy and RPGs. The cheat sheets have tables of contents for easy navigation, but you can also type the name of a game in question into the the search box on the main menu above. If however you’re interested in checking out all the cheat sheets go here.

The inimitable Joe Matar’s written a fine Strategy Guide for Hardcore Droid’s RPG of the Year, the Bard’s Tale and Meg Stivison has hammered out a spot-on strategy guide for my favorite indie, Sarah Northway’s Rebuild. But wait! Hold on there’s more. Sometime in the next few days we will release a series of Android specific cheat sheets and a Vice City Guide is on the way as well so take a look around, savor a guide or walkthrough, be sure to let us know what you think and bookmark us so you can make your way back. We’ve a lot of good things cooking.


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